Epiphany - Light & Darkness

24 January 2022

Today, as I was on the road, I simply had to stop whatever I was doing to watch this beautiful sight of Mother Nature. The storm was approaching and I was still at the end of where the day was clear and bright. It isn't every day one gets to see the clear division between llight and darkness in the sky.

One can learn alot from Nature. Eventhough wherever I was standing was still so bright and clear, a storm may await us just by the corner, ready to strike anytime.

We can also relate this to life. While one may be sailing smoothly and everything seems calm and orderly, unexpected challenges may just suddenly rain on you. Hence, as the saying goes, not everything is always what they seem to be.

Also, always be ready to brave through the storm. The Malay proverb states: "sediakan payung sebelum hujan." (prepare an umbrella before the rain).

The contrast between darkness and brightness here was what made this photography shot unique. From this photograph, Nature teaches us that the ups and downs of life are what make it beautiful. So, embrace life as a whole.